Q8 Trade, The Fastest Growing Broker in the Arabic Gulf, Fully Regulated Broker – Review

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What is Q8 Trade?

Q8 Trade is forex and CFD brokerage in the Mena region.

They are the child company of an established, successful Kuwaiti firm called Q8 Securities . Q8 Trade provides traders in the GCC region with an online trading services. Q8 Trade is regulated by the Kuwaiti Capital Markets Authority  (CMA) under license number AP/2013/0012.

Q8 Securities, the parent company of Q8 Trade, has deep roots in the Kuwaiti markets and provides corporate advisory, direct investments, and investment management to their clients.

With such a strong base, Q8 Trade is on the path to becoming the number 1 online brokerage in the Middle East region.

Trader satisfaction is Q8 Trade’s top priority, and therefore the technology behind their platform is powerful, fast, steardy and reliable. They have recently changed their trading platform from MetaTrader 4 to the latest MetaTrader technology, MetaTrader 5 (MT5). MT5 provides more capabilities than the outdated technology of MetaTrader 4. Q8 traders can use the Q8 Trade website trading platform, the Q8 Trade iOS applications, the Q8 Trade Android Application. For those interested, you also have the ability tp trade directly on the MT5 desktop terminal or MT5 iOS and Android applications.




Where is Q8 Trade located?

Q8 Trade has a seat and an office  in the Bursa of Kuwait.. If you are a Q8 Trade investor, or if you are  interested in starting your investment portfolio, you are invited to schedule a meeting in their office and sit with an account manager who will assist you with any and all questions or concerns. They can guide you through opening your account, and will assist you in starting your trading portfolio.

Q8 Trade is currently in the process of opening additional local offices in the Mena region. They plan to expand to Saudi Arabia – where the office will be located in either Riad or Jeda, and  to the United Arab Emirates – where the office will be located in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

They are dedicated to their Q8 Traders, and have a goal to open offices all around the GCC region to ensure easy access for their traders.


Who trades with Q8 Trade?

Q8 Trade (fondly known as Q8 Trading by their clients) has users from all around the GCC region, with majority of their traders in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

Q8 Trade is proud to support women’s empowerment. They support anyone who is interested in the financial markets, no matter if you are a man or a woman, and no matter what religion you associate with.

Q8 Trade is proud to have two female Instagram stars as their clients:

Noha Nabil , who is not just a media influencer, but is also a mother and an Engineer, and Fatima Almomen , another amazing media influencer who studied at University of Miami and is an architect.

Noha Nabil

Fatima Almomen

Does Q8 Trade provide Islamic accounts?

As mentioned above, Q8 Trade support every and all traders in the Mena region. No matter your religion or gender, Q8 Trade will ensure that they cater to your needs.

Traders of Muslim faith are obligated to comply with Sharia law. Therefore, in accordance with their religious beliefs, they cannot be charged interest. To ensure traders of Muslim faith will be able to trade on the Q8 Trade platform, Q8 Trade offers all their clients with the ability to hold a Islamic accounts.

In the Islamic accounts, there is no interest, there are no charges on swaps and Q8 Trade will not charge rollover fees on positions held overnight.

Q8 Trade deeply understands, and is sensitive to all their traders requirements.

Can I practice trading before funding my account?

Yes, you can! Q8 Trade provides demo accounts with tradable funds to their clients. You can use the demo account on their desktop web trader, iOS and Android applications and even on the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

Your Q8 Trading account manager will also contact you by phone or email to assist you in learning how to trade on your demo account. They will teach you about fundamental and technical analysis. These forms of analysis are the basis of successful trading on the financial markets.

Can I trade on local assets?

Q8 Trade has a seat in the Kuwaiti Bursa and therefore has the ability to provide their traders with the of purchasing securities in the form of stocks from the local Kuwaiti stock exchange. Some of the top stocks in Kuwait are:

NBKK.KW (National Bank of Kuwait)

KFH.KW (Kuwait Finance House)

HUMN.KW (Humansoft Holding Co.)

ABKK.KW (Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait)

JAZK.KW (Jazeera Airways Co.)

CBKK.KW (Commercial Bank of Kuwait)

.. and more!


Does Q8 Trade provide cryptocurrency trading?

Q8 Trade is a great tool if you are interested in trading on the cryptocurrency market. While this market has only recently gained major popularity, many Q8 Traders requested to add crypto to the online trading platform, and Q8 Trade complied immediately. Some of the cryptocurrencies provided on the Q8 Trade platform are:

BTC (Bitcoin)

XRP (Ripple)

ETH (Ethereum)

ETC (Ethereum Classic)

DSH (Dashcoin)

XLM (Stellar)

.. and more!

What currencies can I trade in?

Q8 Trade has bank account in local banks in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Along with the new offices, they are working on opening other bank accounts in other GCC countries as well such as Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

Currently, they can accept deposits or wire transfers in KWD, SAR, AED, USD, GBP, EUR. Withdrawals can also be made in these currencies.

Because of their accounts in local bank, Q8 Trade is also able to accept local payment methods such as Knet, Sadad and Mcoinz.


What assets does Q8 Trade offer?

Q8 Trade offers over 250 assets for their clients, including forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and commodities.

What does Q8 Securities do?

Q8 Securities was established in 1985 as a financial services company. Initially, they were established as Al Arabi Brokerage but in the beginning of 2017 they were rebranded as Q8 Securities.

Q8 Securities provides their clients with local and global equities and trade derivatives.

They are the biggest brokerage in Kuwait, managing billions of Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD) for their clients.


Why would I choose Q8 Trade?

There are many forex and CFD online brokerages, as you can see with a quick Google search. For example, Amana Capital, Plus500, Avatrader, Iforex, FXCM, FXTM, IG and JMFinancial KW. While these companies may have a regulation, none of them have the authority or regulation to offer brokerage services in the Kuwaiti and GCC region like Q8 Trade. Q8 Trade is the only online brokerage regulated by the CMA (Central Markets Authority of Kuwait). They are also one of the only brokerages that offers real Islamic account with no swaps, fees, or interest.


Is Q8 Trade نصابة a Scam ?

After our investigation of Q8 Trade we can say confidently that Q8 Trade نصب is not a scam company. They are the only regulated online trading company company in the Mena region that has the authority to provide online brokerage services from the CMA (Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait) under license number AP/2013/0012..

The answer to is Q8 Trade is scam نصب شركة Q8 Trade is a definite NO.

They hold a portfolio management license, a Custodian License, IPO license, investing advisory license along with many more. This gives them the ability to provide real, regulated, licensed trading advice and guidance to their Q8 Traders.


What is the relationship to Al Qadsia Sporting Club?

Q8 Trade is a proud sponsor of the local Kuwaiti football team, Al Qadsia. They are one of the most established football teams in Kuwait. They recently updated their uniforms to include the Q8 Trade Logo!

What is the definition of Forex?

Forex is referring to the Foreign Exchange Market.  The forex market is the biggest market in the world, with over 5 trillion USD traded daily. This means that in just 24 hours, people are buying and selling currencies to one another, totally to 5 trillion!

While Q8 Trade provides forex trading to their clients, they also offer commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices as well.


How do I trade on Forex?

Forex is trading one currency versus the other. In other words, how much will someone need to pay to buy another currency.

The two currency are referred as a base currency and a quote currency.

For example: USD/JPY — USD (United States Dollar) is the base currency, and JPY (Japanese Yen) is the quote currency.

If USD/JPY is 114, it means that to purchase 1 USD, you will need to pay 114.12 JPY.

In currency trading, the value you see is always referring to how much of the quote currency it would take to purchase one of the base currency.

If you see EUR/GBP at 0.01234, it means that to purchase 1 EUR (Euro), you will need to pay 0.01234 GBP (British Pound Sterling).

Since the GBP is stronger than the EUR, you don’t even need to pay 1 whole GBP to buy 1 EUR.

In the case of USD/JPY, the USD is stronger than the JPY, which is why you need 114 Yen to buy just 1 USD.

How will I know what to trade on?

Whether you are a beginner or expert at trading, Q8 Trading will provide you the guidance and support that you need. With top notch account managers, your portfolio is in good hands!

Q8 Trade has a dedicated new desk, which puts out free daily videos on their YouTube channel with information of the latest updates of the financial markets. You can access their channel here .

At the beginning of the week, Q8 Trading also sends out an email with the most important events of the market.

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis in a method of studying economic and financial factors when trading on an asset. There are many economic events or even environmental events that can affect an economy.

For example, if there is a major earthquake in a country, many businesses and factories can be affected. This will cause a decline in economic growth, and it would be logical to assume that the countries currency will go down in value.

An example of an economic event would be the non-farm payroll, otherwise known as the NFP.  This is an economic announcement that is released every month, and announces the change in the number of employed people in the United States. This is a very important economic announcement, as it shows whether the United States workforce has grown or diminished in the previous month. More employed people means the United States economy is likely growing, and can be expected to lead to a stronger USD.


What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a form of evaluating statistics on different assets in the market to find opportunities to trade. The analysis can be based on previous the price movement of the asset, or even the amount of volume traded. You will usually see technical analysis displayed overlying the price chart of the asset itself. There are many predefined methods of technical analysis, and many tools that provide these capabilities. The Q8 Trade web platform provides these tools to all their clients for free. Your dedicated account manager will also assist you in learning how to use these tools properly.

Both fundamental and technical analysis are important to learn, as they provide different insights into market opportunities.

To summarize: 

If you are a beginner interested in starting to trade in the financial markets or if you are coming with experience, Q8 Trade is the place for you.

They are exclusive to traders in the Mena region, so you must hold a passport, ID or drivers license showing the country you live in.

At Q8 Trade you will receive a dedicated account manager, and a support team to assist you with anything you need.

They are willing to go above and beyond for their clients to ensure a smooth, successful, and positive trading experience.

Sign up today for Q8 Trade at www.q8trade.com

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